Our Story

I affectionately consider myself an everyday kind of girl. One that isn’t flashy or flawless in any sort of way.. but beautifully authentic.

As someone with a background in psychology and counseling, I’m not only a person who is more mindful of the world around me, but also a woman who is more accepting and inviting of the Magical things it has to offer.

As a writer, I also believe in the magic of written language. Words truly have power. And in a world that moves information rapidly, but is also becoming less and less concerned with the way in which we say things, I think it’s more important than ever that we slow down, reflect, and really take in what we’re being fed. I therefore wanted to create a space that valued the art of communication.

The Everyday Unicorn is the reflection and representation of life that isn’t polished or perfect.. but still Amazing and Magical.

Ultimately, I’m an Everyday woman finding the Magic life has to offer and working on becoming the best version of herself. I just want to share the Laughs and Lessons that I’ve collected on my journey with others who are doing the same.

Nataya Unique & [wo]man’s best friend
(Bella, The Dog)

P.S. I have a beautifully, sweet Pitbull-Boxer named Bella who you may here of from time to time.
And by “time to time” I mean all time, as she’s my literal Road Dog 🙂